eBatuta – The Adventures of a Moroccan Traveler

Faiza Hajji is a global citizen providing a global solution to a global problem through her startup eBatuta (www.ebatuta.com). eBatuta connects artisans with the world market by reducing financial and logistic trade barriers, so that these artisans can sell their goods directly to tourists and foreign importers. This means that individual artisans and small groups…

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TOHL – Reinventing the Delivery of Water

Thol Ben

With a clean water source and the people who need it separated by one kilometer of mountainous terrain and 80 meters of elevation, is it feasible to affordably deliver clean flowing water in under just eight hours? kmart job application online   This is exactly what TOHL has proven possible with their first pilot project in the region of Cajón del Maipo, Chile.…

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Fail Forward – Lean Into Your Edge

Ashley Good founded Fail Forward in 2010 to change the way people talk about and learn from failure.  This social business has since grown to employ four part-time staff and work with organizations such as Engineers Without Borders. One story really stood out on Fail Forward’s website.  It was about one of Ashley’s friends who…

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Bottom App – Decisions from the Bottom UP


Nicolas Monge Iriarte founded Bottom App one and a half years ago with a vision to turn top-down decision-making on its head and start building social change from the bottom up. part time jobs in memphis tn   The inspiration for the technology-based solution, Bottom App, came about over the course of volunteering on several social projects…

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Totus Power – Powering Learning

Totus Power

The general idea for Totus Power came together in under 24 hours.  After a discouraging meeting regarding another idea he had been pursuing, Shiv Rajendran called up a friend in India to commiserate.  His friend was running a program that used a cloud-based internet technology in combination with affordable tablets to get progressive learning tools…

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