Resource Roundup – January 2017


How well do I really know the problem I’m working on solving?
Do I have lived experience that helps me truly understand it in all its complexity?
Who are potential and unlikely collaborators that I haven’t considered yet?

These are all questions that come up when reading Daniela Papi-Thornton’s research on ‘Tackling Heropreneurship’.

In this SSIR article she talks about how, while social enterprise gains popularity, along the way we may have lost sight of the true focus.

And that is: the impact itself, not ‘being a social entrepreneur’.

This ‘heropreneurship’ mindset has been reinforced by educational programs and competitions more focused on starting up a new venture to solve the problem than supporting the crucial process before that step: deeply getting to know the issue in the first place.

She also describes how Heropreneurship puts social enterprise founders in the spotlight, without enough recognition and championing of the variety of players tackling social issues outside of ‘startups’.

This discussion is definitley worth taking a look and considering how it applies to your work:


One of the most pressing concerns for new founders is funding. You’ve finally made the leap and quit your steady job, you are excited and you are ALL IN!

And – you have no idea when (or maybe even how) the next few dollars will come in…

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to funding your social enterprise.

Some focus on bringing in grants, some look for equity investors, then there’s crowdfunding, debt financing (loans), and also good old fashioned bootstrapping – where you grow from initial savings and business revenue (reinvesting profits back into the company to scale).

Even if you’ve already decided what strategy you want to take with funding, and even more so if you haven’t – it’s worth understanding the options available to you.

Here’s a list of funding contacts, mainly in the UK:

Here’s an even more comprehensive list, with several options online and in Canada and the US:


My favourite topic 🙂

As you might know by now, I truly believe that connecting with people on a similar path is hands down the best way to learn. It’s also the best way to keep sane when you’re feeling overwhelmed, lonely, or downright discouraged.

Under 30 Changemakers recently released it’s 2nd edition of Stories of Purpose – a collection of inspiring stories from members of their community.

The 1st edition is available for browsing, and you can also download the first chapter of the new edition.  This chapter covers the topic of Adversity, where nine young Changemakers share their perspective on what adversity means to them.

Grab a coffee, a comfy chair, and get ready to be inspired: 

Check out the 1st edition

Read the newest 2nd edition (the link to download chapter 1 is near the bottom.)

Side note: Tara Byrne, founder of u30 Changemakers, will be our guest on The Show on Feb. 8th.  Subscribe here to receive the info to join us!



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