INFOGRAPHIC – Members February 2015

This week, we took some time to review the stats on members.

Here’s a snapshot:

  • 213 members from 50 countries.
  • Highest represented continent is North America (36%) followed by Asia (25%).
  • Most common area of focus reported by members is Education at 19% (aside from ‘Other’ that is – clearly we need to add some more categories!).
  • The skill that the majority of membership base reports having expertise in is Idea Generation (84%), followed closely by Community Development (74%).
  • Existing skills least represented are Legal (14%) and Financing (24%).
  • The majority of Sedge members want to learn more about Impact Assessment (81%), Feasibility Planning (81%), Community Development (80%), and Financing (78%).

If you want to explore who you might want to connect with in community, go to the Meet Our Members page and browse by Country or Focus Area.


Sedge Members Feb15

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