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Social Enterprise Kickstart

Want to feel confident from the start that you are taking all the right steps to design a social enterprise that will be both profitable and impactful?

This bundle helps you fit together the core foundations required for any social enterprise to succeed! It is a hands-on toolkit illustrating the 5 exercises that are absolutely essential to launch your world-changing idea and create real IMPACT!

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Changemakers Association

Want to grow the profits and impact your social enterprise with the support of just-in-time training and a global community of changemakers?

This membership community is built for changemakers, by changemakers! Receive monthly collaborative mentoring calls, a new specific and action-oriented training each month, plus connect with like-minded changemakers from all around the world (12+ countries and counting). Enrollment is opened periodically so be sure to join the waitlist!

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Changemakers GPS Planner

Feeling disorganized, overwhelmed and overworked trying to get your impactful initiative off the ground?

We have cracked the code to help you make your DREAM IMPACT inevitable using our GPS Planner. Download this full year planning system to keep your daily, weekly, and quarterly tasks on track to achieve your goals. Also included is a 6-part video training straight from Changemakers Association with all the support you need to make the most of your GPS Planner!

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Meeting of the Minds Book

Want to exponentially increase your impact with a co-founder, strategic partnerships, or collaborations?

If yes, this book is a must-read! We know you value collaboration but also that is can sometimes feel like way more work than it's worth. The potential results are huge when you learn to collaborate effectively, which is why my partner-in-impact and I outline our best tips in this book. When you approach collaboration with a plan, it can be an enjoyable and effective process for ALL parties involved!

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