How to Know When to Leap Full Time into Your Impact Business

This is part of a 4 week daily challenge to share lessons learned over my first 4 years of launching and growing The Sedge social enterprise! Take a look at the full list of behind-the-scenes stories and my top 20 lessons learned:  4 Year Throwback: Top 20 Lessons Learned From My First 4 Years in Business

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The Sedge’s new 3-year look: LIMITLESS

“It’s easy to keep track of what art is by what it’s not. It’s not following a manual, reading a dummies book, looking for a map. It tends to be people who work with a compass instead. Who have an understanding of true north and are willing to solve a problem in an interesting way.”…

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My Inception Story – the windy path of how this all came to be

“Did you spend the afternoon talking about your periods?” The man to whom I report in my commercial banking role chuckles to himself at his witty remark as I stiffen up and try to gauge how red my face is getting. Inside, my thoughts race but I keep my expression cool (I think). Still taking…

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INFOGRAPHIC – Members February 2015

This week, we took some time to review the stats on members. Here’s a snapshot: 213 members from 50 countries. Highest represented continent is North America (36%) followed by Asia (25%). Most common area of focus reported by members is Education at 19% (aside from ‘Other’ that is – clearly we need to add some more…

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Santiago’s First Social Innovation Weekend!

Social Innovation Weekend

Have you heard the buzz around Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship? Are you looking to learn how to increase the financial self-sustainability of your nonprofit or NGO? Do you have a social change idea that you want to explore further? Then you can’t miss Santiago’s first Social Innovation Weekend! This event open to anyone interested…

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Social Innovation Weekend a Great Success

Along with many great partners team hosted Santiago’s generic viagra 100mg first ever Social Innovation Weekend on December 13 & 14, 2013.   Over a total of 15 hours, 40 participants learned the basics of Social Enterprise design with the help of workshops in Social Enterprise Frameworks, Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping and the Social Business…

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Reflections on the Social Enterprise World Forum 2013

As with every coin in your pocket, there are always two sides to every story.  This could be the very reason life never disappoints in delivering surprises. phone tracker app Reflecting on the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) 2013 brought up many opposing thoughts and conclusions.  On one hand, the forum was an amazing collision…

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Touchdown Chile, Takeoff Social Entrepreneurship


So, it’s official. team recently arrived to the bustling capital of Santiago, Chile.  The 20 degree weather in Alberta was contrasted upon arrival by nearly freezing, frigid air and impossibly early sunsets in the Andean mountains.   As if re-locating to the Southern Hemisphere wasn’t thrilling enough, the team was lucky enough to arrive…

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Calgary Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Calgary Events

Most think of big oil and gas when they hear ‘Calgary’, but the Heart of the West is proving to be a hotbed of activity for both social innovation and technology start-ups.  Here are 3 events you don’t want to miss out on this Spring: online marketing jobs   1. Unconference for Social Good –…

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