The Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre

Founded in 1994, The Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre is a multi-service organization located in Toronto’s West end providing community based programming for everyone. They welcome all, including all demographics, social classes, status, gender and gender identification, ethnic background, religion, and age. As well, they provide exceptional programming for high-needs children, youth-at-risk, homeless men and women, vulnerable community members, newcomers, or anyone who might require extra support.

Case Study


Key takeaways:

  1. Always think of alternative ways of doing things when doors are closed. If the option you thought feasible is not doable there may be other alternatives. The Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre found a different way to get mortgage financing to purchase their building when mainstream financial institutions were not able to help the organization. As an alternative they came across the Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative; the cooperative was able to secure them a loan to ensure the project continuity.

  2. Make sure you remain honest at all times with yourself and your partners, especially during any business expansion phases. A good relationship will always guarantee a successful business growth. Don’t be afraid to be a strong leader.

  3. Be bold and innovative when it comes to financial resources. The solutions to your problems might not be obvious but you just need to look around and get creative to find the needed resources you need to fuel your organization.


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