Essential Exercise #1

Uncovering Your North Star Vision for Change

Essential Exercise #2

Audience Insights

Essential Exercise #3

Synthesis + Integration

Essential Exercise #4

Evaluation Matrix

Essential Exercise #5

Set Your Targets

Additional Resources

Your Impact-Boosting Bonuses!

>> BONUS: Legal Options Overview

When it comes to social enterprise, the topic of which legal structure is best is a question many social entrepreneurs struggle with.

This audio reviews three most common legal options for social enterprise and discusses some of the key considerations you should be thinking about when choosing a legal structure. **Note: this does substitute for legal advice! You still need to consult with your local expert.

>> BONUS: The Sedge Directory of Free Online Resources for Social Entrepreneurs

After years of researching social enterprise online, we have collected a healthy list of free resources that help social entrepreneurs take their work to the next level.

Now it's all in one place and you get access to it!  Download our new directory of favourite resources, changemaker communities, and online tools for Social Entrepreneurs.