Module 6 - Establishment

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Download Module 6 Workbook:

Lesson 1 - Competition

Take some time to explore how your offering fits into the broader landscape of the industry within which you operate. Complete the exercises to articulate your Sustainable Competitive Advantage and how your offering is unique and special when compared to the alternatives your customers and beneficiaries have to choose from.

Internal - VRIO Framework
External - Porter’s 5 Forces
Design Your Competitive Matrix

Lesson 2 - Collaboration

Next, learn about the variety of ways you can use collaboration to further your impact. Explore best practices to strengthen how you collaborate with others. Recognize the value of leveraging your partners' skills as you work towards similar goals together.

Design Your Collaboration Web

Lesson 3 - Scaling

Before scaling your social innovation, explore the key philosophies and mechanisms for scaling in this final lesson of BOOST Academy.

Scaling Strategy