Module 5 - Measurement

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Download Module 5 Workbook:

Lesson 1 - Triple Bottom Line & Economic Measurement

In this first lesson you will get an overview of what Triple Bottom Line measurement entails. Then the four major financial statements and their building blocks will be reviewed. Finally, you will begin formulating your financial projections and complete a year one cash flow budget.


  • Year One Cash Flow Budget
    Year One Cash Flow Budget

    Download this spreadsheet to input the projected cash earnings and expenses for the first year of your social enterprise.

Lesson 2 - Measuring & Communicating Impact

This lesson will begin exploring how to measure and communicate the social and/or environmental impact of your social enterprise. You will learn how articulating a Theory of Change will help you measure and assess your impact.

Theory of Change

Lesson 3 - The Evaluation Process

The final lesson in this Measurement Module reviews the building blocks of the evaluation process so that you can assess the true impact and success of your social enterprise.

Evaluation Questions

Acumen on Theory of Change - D.Light Example