Module 3 - Confirmation

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Lesson 1 - Validating Your Ideas

Now that you have set your most promising idea into the Social Business Model Canvas, it is time to start refining it and confirming that it is feasible using a framework referred to as lean methodology.

Lesson 2 - Market Validation

This stage involves exploring possible variations, considering the external context, experimenting to test your assumptions, and finally developing a minimum viable product.

Map the External Context
Your Validation Strategy

Lesson 3 - Understanding Your Customers

Finally, in this module, you will take some time to envision your ideal customer. This process will help you better understand your customers so that you can deliver the best possible value to them.

A “Day in the life of…”

BONUS - Social Business Model Canvas Case Study with D.Light

Sharpen your understanding of the Social Business Model Canvas with this case study that looks at how the impactful D.Light social enterprise maps into the canvas.