Module 2 - Exploration

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Lesson 1 - Generating Ideas

Even though you may have an idea of what your social enterprise will look like, it is still valuable to go through an idea generation brainstorming process. You may be surprised at market opportunities that present themselves, or you may uncover a new twist on an existing idea!

Organizational SWOT
Needs & Yields
Pains & Painkillers
Venn Diagram

Lesson 2 - Evaluating Ideas

Now that you have explored possible ideas, it is time to begin narrowing them down according to the financial and social or environmental impact goals that you would like to achieve.

Criteria Matrix
Back of the Envelope

Lesson 3 - Social Business Model Canvas

Finally, this Lesson introduces the Social Business Model Canvas - an excellent one page planning tool that will help you map out the specifics of your social enterprise business model.

Social Business Model Canvas