Module 1 - Social Enterprise Readiness

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Lesson 1 - Individual Readiness

Take some time before we delve into the social enterprise planning process to look within at your own individual readiness. Explore your underlying motivations for social enterprise and affirm your vision for both personal success and social transformation.

My Personal “Why” Statements

Lesson 2 - Organizational Readiness

What considerations and questions should you be exploring as an organization before beginning your social enterprise planning?  Reflect internally and in consultation with stakeholders on your organization’s current state and willingness for risk in several areas.

Social Enterprise Readiness Checklist
Risk Matrix
Stakeholder Questionnaire

Lesson 3 - Mission, Vision, Values

With examples and exercises, learn how to articulate strong mission, vision and values statements for your social change initiative.

Articulating Your Mission
Articulating Your Vision
Values Exercise

Lesson 4 - Legal Considerations

Discover what you need to consider when it comes to choosing a legal structure for your social enterprise. Learn about three legal options that were built specifically for social enterprise.

Review Your Legal Landscape

Bonus Lesson - Intro to Social Enterprise

Get a refresher on the various terms we see coming up often in social enterprise. Learn where to connect to further resources for more insight.