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You can keep waiting to ‘figure it out’, overwhelmed by too much advice and information, losing time (when there’s none to waste) to move the needle forward on the tough social and environmental challenges we face.

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The journey of transforming your vision for change into a sustainable and operational social enterprise is filled with external obstacles and internal resistance.

You might feel:

  • like you need to build up your credentials or experience
  • that you need more time to ‘get ready’ before you begin the next phase of development
  • worried that friends or family won’t understand or be supportive in what you’re trying to accomplish
  • unsure what you specific goals are and how to plan the best next steps to get you there
  • Lacking the information and resources to do great work
  • unclear how to bring your impactful idea to life with a reliable revenue engine

Over the years, I’ve seen too many people stuck far too long circling around and around in these challenges.

Not you though, dear changemaker!

With knowledgeable outside perspective to help guide you in the right direction, you’ll be unstoppable.

Take me along for a few steps on your journey and you’ll see how far you can advance your vision for change when you have the right support and resources at your fingertips.


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