Getting Support to Succeed: How to decide what you need and when you should invest in it.

This is part of a 4 week daily challenge to share lessons learned over my first 4 years of launching and growing The Sedge social enterprise! Take a look at the full list of behind-the-scenes stories and my top 20 lessons learned:  4 Year Throwback: Top 20 Lessons Learned From My First 4 Years in Business

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5 Reasons to Start Before You’re Ready When You Want to Make an Impact

start before you're ready

There are often a million reasons to put off launching your big idea, or the next phase of building out your impactful business… Like you need to wait until you’ve saved x dollars… until you finally pick a solid direction to go… until you get a website published… until you have the perfect about page…

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8 Inspiring Manifestos for Change


How do you build a movement? How do you get customers, staff and the public excited about your mission? What do you really stand for and how do you want to be remembered? One wonderful way to communicate your vision and values in an easy to digest way is by creating a manifesto. Whether it’s through an infographic,…

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My Inception Story – the windy path of how this all came to be


“Did you spend the afternoon talking about your periods?” The man to whom I report in my commercial banking role chuckles to himself at his witty remark as I stiffen up and try to gauge how red my face is getting. Inside, my thoughts race but I keep my expression cool (I think). Still taking…

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Uncover Your North Star Vision for Change


What is a North Star Vision for Change (or personal manifesto) and why do you need one as a social entrepreneur? After working with social entrepreneurs from around the world, I’ve noticed those who are really making waves all share one thing in common. And that is, a clear vision for the change they wish to…

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Reach Financial Sustainability With This Mindset At The Centre Of Your Work

Screenshot 2015-09-14 14.38.27

Entrepreneurs solve problems, right?  They design solutions for problems they see around them.  They see opportunities to fill gaps in the marketplace with new, better, or different solutions. This is well-accepted as a core mindset of entrepreneurs, and this dedication to bring innovative solutions to market is what many believe allow entrepreneurs the success they…

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9 Essential Considerations When Starting A Social Business (Part 2)

Part 2

Have you ever looked back and thought to yourself, “wow, I definitely would have approached that differently if I were starting over…”. I’m sure we all have, and I’m sure it’s especially true when starting a new business or project. Starting and running a profitable business is hard.  Delivering outstanding programs or offerings that truly…

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9 Essential Considerations When Starting A Social Business (Part 1)

9 Considerations

Top 9 Considerations When Starting The Social Business of Your Dreams  (Part 1 of 2) Starting and running a profitable business is hard.  Delivering outstanding programs or offerings that truly improve the lives of those you serve as a social entrepreneur is also hard. Doing both is much harder.  At times it can even feel impossible…

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Making The Leap From Social Enterprise Idea to Action

Bridging the gap

Recently I received a fabulous question from a Sedge member who was taking advantage of the BOOST Sneak Peek Video Training Series. The point was raised that for nonprofits looking to grow their budgets with a complementary social enterprise initiative, it can often be difficult to move out of the ideation phase and into the…

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Embracing Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector


Entrepreneurial thinking in the social sector has been in practice in one form or another for years. It dates back hundreds of years to farmer cooperatives and decades back to when Muhammad Yunus introduced microcredit to help the poorest of the poor in Bangledesh lift themselves out of extreme poverty. So what exactly does it mean to…

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