8 Inspiring Manifestos for Change


How do you build a movement? How do you get customers, staff and the public excited about your mission? What do you really stand for and how do you want to be remembered? One wonderful way to communicate your vision and values in an easy to digest way is by creating a manifesto. Whether it’s through an infographic,…

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Social Enterprise Trends in 2017

social enterprise trends in 2017

Last year around this time, I sat down and took a few moments to reflect on 2015, and how I thought the social enterprise ecosystem would evolve and transform in 2016. As every ecosystem shifts and adapts with the seasons, so to has the landscape of social enterprise continued it path of change; we are…

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Gifts That Give 2016 – Guide for Conscious Giving

gifts that give

I don’t know about you, but the holiday season came fast this year!  All of a sudden, there was snow on the ground, the neighbourhoods filled with Christmas lights, and my shopping list for gifts was left entirely unfulfilled. Last year I compiled the first Gifts That Give collection of holiday gift ideas that give back…

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Social Enterprise Trends in 2016


As I reflect on how the social enterprise ecosystem has grown and shifted over the past year, I found myself looking forward to consider how it might continue to evolve. Below are my best ‘hunches’, and hopes, for how the landscape will take shape in 2016… Entering the Mainstream Having had an ear to the social…

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Gifts that Give – Social Enterprise Guide for the Holidays


Every year around mid-November when I notice after dark is sprinkled with twinkling Christmas lights, and the timeless carols hit the radios everywhere, I start to dread the pursuit of checking off my holiday present list. No matter how hard I try, I can never manage to quite land on a gift idea that lives…

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Embracing Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector


Entrepreneurial thinking in the social sector has been in practice in one form or another for years. It dates back hundreds of years to farmer cooperatives and decades back to when Muhammad Yunus introduced microcredit to help the poorest of the poor in Bangledesh lift themselves out of extreme poverty. So what exactly does it mean to…

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Finding Meaning for Social Impact Leaders in Our Hyper-Connected World


Our personal and professional networks now spread larger than ever before. Today, if I am looking for advice or information on a new program that piques my interest, within minutes I can search my LinkedIn contacts to find someone who is connected to that program. One quick email asking for an introduction, and the same…

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What is Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship?

Social Innovation

According to Stanford Centre for Social Innovation, social innovation is defined as “.. a novel solution to a problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just… [where] the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals.” They go further-on to explain that “Social Innovation focuses attention on the ideas…

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Reflections on the Social Enterprise World Forum 2013


As with every coin in your pocket, there are always two sides to every story.  This could be the very reason life never disappoints in delivering surprises. phone tracker app Reflecting on the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) 2013 brought up many opposing thoughts and conclusions.  On one hand, the forum was an amazing collision…

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The Secret to Succeeding in Social Enterprise: Knowledge Exchange


The domain of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship is entering an inspiring era.  Global players such as Ashoka, Skoll Foundation, and Grameen Bank have penetrated everyday conversations across the world.  For those not directly involved it is easy to feel like the field has recently sprouted out from nowhere.  In fact, the grandfathers of microfinance…

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