Resource Roundup – March 2017

march resource roundup

MINDSET This mindset resource is a bit different than usual… One element of entrepreneurship not always spoken about is the toll it takes on you both physically and mentally. I’ve always been a great sleeper (hello sleeping ’till noon as a teenager) but I have to admit, even I, pretty much the best sleeper ever,…

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How to Summarize Your Life’s Work in 100 Words


“What would you say if you only had 100 words persuade me?” Pretend I’m sitting in front of you right now and asked you this. Imagine that you had to come up with a short ‘pitch’ right on the spot. What are your first instincts? What questions are running through your head? I imagine you’re…

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5 Reasons to Start Before You’re Ready When You Want to Make an Impact

start before you're ready

There are often a million reasons to put off launching your big idea, or the next phase of building out your impactful business… Like you need to wait until you’ve saved x dollars… until you finally pick a solid direction to go… until you get a website published… until you have the perfect about page…

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8 Inspiring Manifestos for Change


How do you build a movement? How do you get customers, staff and the public excited about your mission? What do you really stand for and how do you want to be remembered? One wonderful way to communicate your vision and values in an easy to digest way is by creating a manifesto. Whether it’s through an infographic,…

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Resource Roundup – January 2017

socent RR January

MINDSET How well do I really know the problem I’m working on solving? Do I have lived experience that helps me truly understand it in all its complexity? Who are potential and unlikely collaborators that I haven’t considered yet? These are all questions that come up when reading Daniela Papi-Thornton’s research on ‘Tackling Heropreneurship’. In this…

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Social Enterprise Trends in 2017

social enterprise trends in 2017

Last year around this time, I sat down and took a few moments to reflect on 2015, and how I thought the social enterprise ecosystem would evolve and transform in 2016. As every ecosystem shifts and adapts with the seasons, so to has the landscape of social enterprise continued it path of change; we are…

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Gifts That Give 2016 – Guide for Conscious Giving

gifts that give

I don’t know about you, but the holiday season came fast this year!  All of a sudden, there was snow on the ground, the neighbourhoods filled with Christmas lights, and my shopping list for gifts was left entirely unfulfilled. Last year I compiled the first Gifts That Give collection of holiday gift ideas that give back…

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The Sedge’s new 3-year look: LIMITLESS

II Opt In

“It’s easy to keep track of what art is by what it’s not. It’s not following a manual, reading a dummies book, looking for a map. It tends to be people who work with a compass instead. Who have an understanding of true north and are willing to solve a problem in an interesting way.”…

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Why Your Assumptions About Collaboration Are Wrong

This is a topic almost every social entrepreneur views as being extremely important.  BUT, it’s also a topic many people struggle with.  What is it? COLLABORATION! As you most likely know from first hand experience, collaboration is often much easier said than done.  You might even know this from first hand experience! I believe that social…

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My Inception Story – the windy path of how this all came to be


“Did you spend the afternoon talking about your periods?” The man to whom I report in my commercial banking role chuckles to himself at his witty remark as I stiffen up and try to gauge how red my face is getting. Inside, my thoughts race but I keep my expression cool (I think). Still taking…

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